Why Use Us?

Welcome to the World of Bespoke Auto Interiors.

Formaly A1 Trimmers Ltd.

The journey starts with our Mission Statement, what does BAI stand for?

Why is our company in business?

And perhaps most important of all, how can our skills and services benefit you?

We specialises in high quality workmanship, using the very best materials money can buy and along with imagination and flair and more then twenty years experience in the business this enables us give your project the 'Wow Factor'.

In fact, there's a bit more to it than that, we have an extensive 'back catalogue' of work to draw on, and you may be interested to know that our work isn't necessarily just about mega-buck, prize-winning show car projects either,we also work with main dealers often retrimming there cars to higher standards than they can offer from factory.

Along with Classic Cars, Hotrods and Modified show cars you will also find Prestige and Super cars in our workshop so what ever you drive we will always have a solution for you.

We are confident that if we can deliver the right combination of quality and price to meet the needs of the top specialist automotive dealerships we can meet your needs to.

Why not get in touch and let us prove it?


Exceeding customer expectations is a challenge we have risen to with great success.

There are many reasons for this beginning with over 20 years experience, multiple featured cars, loyal customers and the ability to fabricate, replicate and customise any dream interior to the very highest levels.


How Long Will it Take?

BAI isn't a factory production line. We don't churn out standard 'One-size fits all' trim kits. Your job is undertaken on a bespoke, individual basis.

This may take a little longer, but if we're retrimming you seat, the dimensions of the new trim will be based on your original pattern. So it will be right.

We'll discuss material selection, replacement seat base and foam if required and all the other aspects of your job, before we start. And we can supply heated seat upgrades, too




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